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Explore learning resources created by and for the teachers, youth, families, and other members of our MCA Learning Community.

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People making a structure with tape and long beams of wood
Teachers designed a communal space for learning with artist Faheem Majeed during a Teacher Institute
Photo: Gillian Fry, © MCA Chicago

CONSIDER: The Frame, Your Body, Residue

A large and neat stack of white paper with a black border sits on a concrete floor.

CREATE: Animal Mashups

Two mossy stone figures with human legs and fish torsos sit leaning against each other on a mossy stone by the seashore. On the horizon the shape of a double-masted sailing vessel made out of water rises out of the sea and cuts into the blue, cloud-filled sky.


This resource reimagines gallery activities and exercises used in our Multiple Visit Program to help students practice speaking, listening, observing, and questioning skills at home.