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In Touch

Selva Aparicio, Tejo (Hopscotch) (detail), 2018. Steel, felt, and Portland cement casts from human dead donors; 2 x 192 x 48 in. Courtesy of the artist.

Photo: Robert Chase Heishman.

by Selva Aparicio

Thinking about Death

During the pandemic, we’ve all been thinking about death. Some of us have lost a loved one in isolation without being able to say goodbye. It can be scary and lonely to think about dying, but talking to each other about people who are gone and even writing to those people can help. Have you ever had someone you love die? If you had one more chance to talk to a dead loved one, what would you say? Artist Selva Aparicio is gathering letters to lost loved ones to bring together into a book to help us feel connected to one another while thinking about death.

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