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Installation view, The Long Dream, MCA Chicago November 7, 2020–January 17, 2021

Photo: Nathan Keay, © MCA Chicago

Sanctuary Spaces

Create a sanctuary space in your home to find comfort and joy in your body

by Ione Sanders

About this Activity

During the pandemic, we've needed to interact with our home spaces in new and creative ways—as gyms, classrooms, offices, and more. In this activity, create a brand new sanctuary space in your home inspired by artwork from The Long Dream

A sanctuary is a place set aside for rest and safety. Sometimes it is an area for birds to live, or a special holy place in a church or temple. For these sanctuaries, focus on making a space for your body to feel comfort and joy!

Sanctuary Spaces video still

Join MCA teaching artists Jalisa OH and Ione Sanders for a live show-and-tell on Facebook Live on Sat, Nov 14 10—11AM as they explore creating sanctuary spaces in our own homes and making monuments to the small things in our world.

Get inspired to make your own sanctuary space and monument for small things by watching this show-and-tell with artists Ione Sanders and Jalisa OH. This video was originally broadcast on Facebook Live on Sat, Nov 14 as part of Virtual Family Day: Places and Names

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