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TV for Ave María Purísima (Enlightenment 8)

Visit the MCA from wherever you are in this episode of the "Tour Video" series, dedicated to discovering more about the world, our communities, and ourselves through contemporary art.


TV for Ave María Purísima (Enlightenment 8) video still

In this episode, join MCA Teen Creative Agency Apprentice Ángelina Cofer in a conversation with artist Celia Álvarez Muñoz, whose work Ave Maria Purisima (Enlightenment 8) explores themes of memory, shame, and identity.

Explore and discuss this artwork further with the TV for Ave María Purísima (Enlightenment 8) Guide.


Support for the TV series at the MCA is provided by Discover, Dr. Scholl Foundation, the Polk Bros. Foundation, and the LeRoy Neiman Foundation.