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Trillis Rollins

A dark-skinned Black man wearing a white chef coat smiles broadly at the camera.

Chef Trillis Rollins

Image courtesy of the chef

Chef Trillis Rollins of Peach's in Bronzeville is the second chef in the MCA's new Chef Collaboration Series at Marisol.

Chef Rollins has worked with Rome’s Joy Companies in different roles for 13 years. He started out as a dishwasher at H-dogs and then studied under Chef Rome. He worked his way up starting out as a prep cook, moved to line cook, then sous chef, and now holds the title of executive chef. He previously worked at Peach’s at Currency Exchange and currently works at Peach’s at 47th, Rome’s Joy Catering, and Blanc Art Gallery.

He’s also an artist. When he’s not in the kitchen he can be found drawing or painting.