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Who We Are


A large group of people sit on the steps of the MCA's plaza.

More than 600 artists turned up on the MCA's front steps for Jason Lazarus's Chicago Artist Group Portrait, 2015

Photo: Jason Lazarus

Artists are a driving force behind everything we do at the MCA. They play an integral role in our programs—and make up an important part of our audience, too! All of the artists listed here are represented in our collection, or have participated in a program or publication. Their profiles link to exhibitions or programs they have contributed to, or blog posts they have written, as well as their works in the MCA's permanent collection. Artists whose work is represented in the collection are granted lifetime membership to the museum. We enjoy welcoming them to our exhibitions, events, and programs. If you are an artist whose work is in the MCA Collection and you have not received your membership, please call our curatorial department at 312-397-3848.


Virgil Abloh in conversation during an MCA event
Photo Credit: Jeremy Lawson

At the MCA, our staff, leaders, and Board are members of the communities we serve. We are a passionate and diverse group of individuals with varying backgrounds, interests, and life experiences, and those perspectives help to guide our work.


March 2, 2021 Public Reopening Day

Photo Credit: Jeremy Lawson Photography, 2021

Donors are a vital part of the MCA, supporting the MCA’s Vision, exhibitions, and programs and ensuring free access to the MCA for Illinois residents, Chicago Public School students, and many others.


Duro Olowu Preview Events, February 2020

Photo Credit: Jeremy Lawson Photography

Members are integral to the MCA. With their support, 10,000 Chicago Public School students can tour the museum each year, living artists and performers can create new work, and much more. Join the MCA and become part of Chicago's cultural community.

Partnerships and Engagement

The MCA is deeply committed to supporting the community that we live in and serve, and we are constantly working to encourage voices that can lead to social change. Partnerships and Engagement is a program intentionally designed to partner with diverse, Chicago-based organizations to foster creative collective experiences. Our partners below include grassroots organizations and historically underrepresented communities and groups. These partners host conversations, workshops, talks, and gatherings that provide space for Chicagoans to collaborate on projects. Centering community voices throughout the development of exhibitions and programs, MCA Partners provide meaningful feedback on the museum’s ongoing work and mission.