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We value our interns too much to ask them to brew coffee or make photocopies. These emerging museum professionals are important members of the MCA team: they work with curators to write labels, manage museum programs with educators, publicize museum events, and have even written some of the text on this site. In short, they assist almost every department of the museum. Interns work closely with MCA staff, and you can apply to be a part of this valued group, too.

A group of young people pose together, some smiling some making silly faces.

Our summer interns pose in front of Kerry James Marshall's mural during an intern event

Photo © MCA Chicago

Everybody trusts that I can take on responsibility. I feel totally equal.

—MCA Intern, 2014

The intern's [education] is a priority. They make you feel valued here.

—MCA Intern, 2014

Intern Spotlight: Malik John-Marc Purvis

Image courtesy of Malik John-Marc Purvis

Walking in it! There's nothing more relaxing or inspiring than walking through the different neighborhoods and watching people live their lives.