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Yoko Noge


Yoko Noge has performed at venues across Chicago for more than fifteen years, including HotHouse Chicago, Andy's Jazz Club, the Green Mill, the Chicago Blues Festival, the Chicago Jazz Festival, the Asian American Jazz Festival, and many special events in the United States, Japan, China, and Europe. She's been named “Chicagoan of Year” by the Chicago Tribune, and was the recipient of the Foreign Minister's Commendations in Japan in 2014. She was featured in a Newsweek Japan cover story, “100 Japanese People the World Respects,” as a Chicago blues singer and band leader. Chicago author and historian Studs Terkel called her “Wonderful Yoko, a Jazz for Joy Artiste. For the Chicago Tribune, Howard Reich said “Yoko Noge offers a fascinating synthesis of cunning jazz improvisation, bona fide blues exhortation, and the cultural rituals of her Japanese origins.”