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Lee Blalock

Courtesy of the artist

Lee Blalock


Lee Blalock is an interdisciplinary artist working with ideas of systems, order, rules, and restrictions. The daughter of a former computer operator, Blalock has moved fluidly from an undergraduate STEM education to a career in design and production, eventually finding that all of her conceptual and technical interests converge in the fine arts. Recent performance work finds the artist creating happenings in tight spaces, hidden in plain view, depicting personal behavior by way of sampled movement (input) and controlled consequence (output). In all cases, the work represents the physical and/or behavioral body and is often binary, mechanical, generative, and repetitive.

Blalock is an arts educator teaching college level courses under the wide umbrella of art and technology. Her research is specific to topics such as posthumanism and futurism, though her summers are spent making mixed media art with kids. She writes and performs under the alphanumeric moniker of Le^2.

She received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.