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Group portrait of people of various ethnicities sitting on wide gray steps.

Members of the 2023–24 Teen Creative Agency. Photo: Olive Stefanski.


Teen Creative Agency


The Teen Creative Agency (TCA) is the Museum of Contemporary Art's cultural leadership program for teens ages 15–19 years old. TCA members come together from all over the Chicago area to the museum once a week, from September thru June.

At the MCA, teens not only view but also engage with contemporary art and artists. The MCA makes museum resources accessible to youth so that they may dream, plan, and create responses to the issues that are important to them.

When TCA members meet weekly, they create a space in the museum for teens’ ideas and perspectives to be seen and heard. They visit other cultural institutions, engaging with both peers and professionals in the field. Young people learn to recognize the value of others and the value they themselves bring to a community.

This growth in their agency and collaboration skills, as well as knowledge of public engagement and strengthening of the creative process, occurs under the guidance of the program’s Lead Artists: Olive Stefanski and Miguel Limon.

To learn more email Ahmad at [email protected] or call 312-397-4020 with questions.

TCA Members

Ana Nambo

Antje "Anne" Anneliese Schimdt Blanco

Ariella Poi

Atlas Nguyen

Brianna Dionicio

Chloe Mcmullan

Felicia Ward

Genesis Galloway

Hannah Pepper

Jasper Skalla

Lili Metcalf

Luca Todorov

Macie Spangler

Madeleine Afable

Marie (Abbagale) Gutierrez

MJ Sails

Morgan Ferrell

Olivia Kluska

Reem Ginawi

Sabrina Y. Watkins

Saffiyah Sackor

Sequoia "Marse" Rusk

Solomon Pitluck

Surya Webb

Application and Apprenticeship

2024–25 TCA Application

Are you a curious, creative, and committed 15 to 19-year-old?

Interested in receiving up to $1,600 a year for making art, planning events, and gaining career expertise?

Apply to be part of TCA

About the TCA Apprenticeship

This one-year, part-time staff position for Teen Creative Agency (TCA) alumni bridges the gap between youth programs and museum careers.

Apprentices build their professional portfolios by designing programs and facilitating dialogue about urgent social issues for staff and audiences of all ages and backgrounds. They work across MCA’s Learning Programs, curate and produce public events, act as ambassadors and advocate for youth in and beyond the museum, and facilitate workshops and pieces of training.

Current TCA Apprentice:

Ari Kariafol

Connect with TCA


Free admission for 18 and under is generously provided by Liz and Eric Lefkofsky.

Major support for Learning Programs at the Museum of Contemporary Art is provided by Julie and Larry Bernstein and Anonymous.

Additional generous support is provided by the Lois and Steve Eisen and The Eisen Family Foundation, Friends of Edwin A. Bergman Fund, the Hulda B. & Maurice L. Rothschild Foundation, Diane Kahan, The Marshall Frankel Foundation, D. Elizabeth Price and Lou Yecies, Carol Prins and John Hart/The Jessica Fund, and The William Randolph Hearst Foundations.