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A man wearing a one-piece garment of bright orange fur sits at a desk in a glass room. He dips a quill into an inkwell. His eyes are taped shut with black duct tape; the headpiece for his orange suit is beside him on the desk.

William Pope.L, White Room #4: Wittgenstein + My Brother Frank, 2005

Photo: Andy Keats Kenny, courtesy of Schachter ROVE Gallery, London, UK

William Pope.L

American, b. 1955


William Pope.L is a visual and performance artist who makes culture out of contraries. Since the 1970s, he has created multidisciplinary works that transform ordinary objects and experiences into something extraordinary. In a statement he wrote for his Foundation for Contemporary Arts Fellowship, he described his practice:

Like the African shaman who chews his pepper seeds and spits seven times into the air, I believe art re-ritualizes the everyday to reveal something fresh about our lives. This revelation is a vitality and it is a power to change the world.

Pope.L has exhibited both nationally and internationally and has received numerous awards, including a Guggenheim Fellowship.

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