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Naomi Rincón Gallardo

Artist Bio

Naomi Rincón Gallardo is a Mexico City-based artist, currently residing in Vienna. Understanding research as an artful and transdisciplinary fabrication, Rincón Gallardo's work addresses initiatives related to the creation of counterworlds in neocolonial settings. She uses masquerade lenses and absurdity to create a place between radical utopian experiences, fantasy and crises of beliefs. Rincón Gallardo integrates her interest in music, theater games, D.I.Y. aesthetics, speculative fiction, intersectional feminisms, queer theory, and critical pedagogy into her work. Alongside her artistic work, she has been involved in both teaching and coordinating. She has been a member of the cuir-feminist colective, Invasorix, since 2013.


Naomi Rincon Gallardo is a 2019–2022 Beneficiary of the National System of Art Creators, a program of the National Fund for Culture and Art in Mexico.

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