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Women's Board members volunteer at Family Day

Photo: Ellen Chu © MCA Chicago

Women’s Board


A group of 19 women pose together.

Vernissage, 2023.

Photo: Jeremy Lawson Photography.

Since the MCA's founding in 1967, the members of the Women's Board have collaborated with each other and with the museum to create dynamic programs and projects that have helped establish the MCA as an important and vibrant cultural institution. These programs have included: a lecture and film series, an art travel program (both foreign and domestic), the docent program, the community affiliate program, the MCA Store, an MCA restaurant, the opening night celebration of EXPO CHICAGO (Vernissage), Family Days, and, most recently, artsmart.

The Women’s Board also plays the important role of ambassador for the MCA. Board members focus considerable effort on staying abreast of what is going on at the museum. In this way, the Board is better able to raise awareness of the MCA throughout the greater Chicago area.

Women’s Board Members


Rachel Grund
Vice President
Paula Fuller Tobin
Cheryl Seder
Tonya Geesman

Women’s Board Members

  • Micaelle Alexis
  • Janet Anixter
  • Jennifer Armetta
  • Tammi Bedolla
  • Marlene Breslow-Blitstein
  • Jennifer Brown
  • Susan Brunstrum
  • Helen Cesarik
  • Lori A. Crosley
  • Andrea K. DeMar
  • Kelly Drew-Townsel
  • Nneka Dunham
  • Marcia Fraerman 1
  • Robin Gallardi
  • Jeri N. Henoch
  • Katie Hutchens
  • Margaret Izzo
  • Loren Nicol Johnson
  • Diane Kahan
  • Susie L. Karkomi
  • Laura Lester
  • Kathleen McQueeny
  • Elizabeth Mollen
  • Nadia Murad
  • Marisa Murillo
  • Christina Ochs
  • Amy W. Olswang
  • Patricia Prince
  • Cathy Ross
  • Yumi Shilowitz Ross
  • Barbara Rouse
  • Kelly Selogie
  • Yolanda Stemer
  • Rena Sternberg 1
  • Robyn Tavel
  • Mary Kay Touhy
  • Shelley Turk
  • Natasha Sawlani Vuppuluri
  • Ellen B. Wallace 1

Sustaining Women’s Board Members

  • Gale Fischer
  • Loren Friend
  • Margot Greig
  • Marilyn Kushen
  • Linda Meyer

Honorary Women’s Board Members

  • Meta S. Berger 1
  • Lindy Bergman 2
  • Edie Cloonan 12
  • Leslie Douglass 1
  • Diane Drabkin 1
  • Marilyn Fields 1
  • Suzette Flood 1
  • Helyn D. Goldenberg 1
  • Rhona Hoffman
  • Ruth Horwich 2
  • Sally Meyers Kovler 1
  • Pat Kubicek
  • Beverly M. Meyer 2
  • Judith Neisser 2
  • Betsy Rosenfield
  • Carol Selle 1
  • Marjorie K. Staples 1
  • Ann Stepan 12
  • Bea Steponate
  • Dorie Sternberg
  • Patty Sternberg
  • Kristin Binder Stevens 1
  • Donna Stone 1
  • Robin Loewenberg Tebbe 1
  • Dana Shepard Treister 1
  • Helen Zell 1

  1. Past President
  2. In Memoriam

Membership and Dues

Membership on the Women's Board is by invitation only. In order to be eligible for membership on the Women’s Board, you must be an MCA Circle Donor. Read about our Circle Membership levels and benefits or renew your Circle Membership. For more information, contact Grace Brandt, Individual Giving Coordinator, at 312-397-3829, or [email protected]

If you are a current Women’s Board member, you may contribute your dues below