Exhibition microsites are designed to be enduring resources, sharing a wealth of information from reading lists, playlists, installation views, images, and videos, to exhibition gallery guides, reviews, and more.

Chicago Works: Jessica Campbell

A person with shoulder-length hair sits in front of a screen holding a bottle in their right hand.

I Was Raised on the Internet

Fuchsia and purple gradient text reading "I WAS RAISED ON THE INTERNET" appears over a dynamic image of a bright flare of light and a computer keyboard.

Howardena Pindell: What Remains To Be Seen

A digital screenshot shows a half white, half black website with text that reads “Art World Surveys” and “The Howardena Pindell Papers.”

Kerry James Marshall: Mastry

A Screenshot of the website reads the exhibition title, Kerry James Marshall: Mastry, in black text on a white background with part of an image to the right. We can also see a secondary header that reads "The History of the World According to Kerry James Marshall."

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