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Kerry James Marshall: Mastry


This website was created for the Kerry James Marshall: Mastry exhibition to not only provide insight into the works contained within the exhibition but also to serve as a scholarly resource. It captures knowledge created in the research process for the publication and the exhibition that would otherwise be inaccessible.

The site is designed into four sections, a chronology, works in detail, essays, and the exhibition itself. The chronology, The History of the World According to Kerry James Marshall, gathers events from 1425 to the present that include links to various website resources for further information and are illustrated by relevant Marshall paintings to the right; Works in Detail highlights the extensive details of his paintings annotated with text, video, and music; Essays includes selected essays from the exhibition catalogue; Finally, About the Exhibition includes the introductory wall text, the checklist, information about the catalogue and the documentary video that features the artist explaining his project to rewrite art history.

A Screenshot of the website reads the exhibition title, Kerry James Marshall: Mastry, in black text on a white background with part of an image to the right. We can also see a secondary header that reads "The History of the World According to Kerry James Marshall."