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Program List


Watch performances

2 pm The Virgin Jerry

2:45 pm Corn on My Dinner Plate

3:30 pm Logan Zayas

3:35 pm Sól

4:30 pm Phalair Carter

4:45 pm Jordan Martin

5:30 pm Final Celebration

Experience artists’ projects including:

  • Photobooths by Yollocalli Arts Reach and Mya Cavner
  • Live figure drawing with Jacob Torres

Interactive video and light installations by Ana Paramo and Ruth Plumb

  • A scream closet by Alexis Yracheta
  • Have a conversation you’ve always wanted to have with Rachel Dohner

Participate in workshops:

  • Refurbish old skateboards with Sprucing Up Skateboards
  • Add to a collaborative denim installation by Jonathan Swain
  • Reimagine the value of brands in TCA’s “Workshop”
  • Trade facts about black owned businesses for swag from Darius Jones

Catch sight of roving performances and fashion by:

  • Zoe Haralambidis
  • Tallulah Cartalucca and Kendra Lachick

Enjoy zines and prints by:

  • Alexa Jurado
  • Angel Cano
  • Ethan Switall
  • Lydia Quinnan
  • Madison Grant
  • Ariadna Perez and Daniel Brito-Virto
  • Zoe Cloud
  • Teen Creative Agency


A group of ten Chicago teens jump excitedly on the MCA plaza, each of them wearing a 21 Minus T-shirt.

Our teen programs aim to build a generation of connected, creative collaborators

Photo: Gillian Fry © MCA Chicago

At the MCA, young people not only view but engage with contemporary art and artists. The MCA makes museum resources accessible to youth so that they may dream, plan, and create responses to the issues that are important to them.

Teen Creative Agency

Over a dozen TCA members gather and pose inside of Alexandre da Cunha's *Figurehead* sculpture.

TCA members inside Alexandre da Cunha's Figurehead, 2015. MCA Chicago Plaza Project: Alexandre da Cunha, Jul 18, 2015–Jul 24, 2016

Photo: Mikayla Delson © MCA Chicago

The Teen Creative Agency (TCA) is the is the Museum of Contemporary Art's cultural leadership program for teens ages 15–19 years old. TCA members come together from all over the Chicago area to the museum once a week, from September thru June.