David Robbins

Theme Song for an Exhibition



In conjunction with his solo exhibition at MADRE museum, Naples, artist and writer David Robbins produced a pop song, "Theme Song For An Exhibition," with musicians in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As part of the project, Robbins asked museums and galleries to host the song online—a groundbreaking experiment in inter-institutional cooperation meant to reach and expand today's art audience. The MCA is proud to be part of this experiment, which includes nine other major American and European art museums.

"Theme Song For An Exhibition" is a cool, catchy pop song that addresses the desire to make culture. On using the pop song form as concept art, Robbins has explained, "I'm using art institutions to produce and distribute work in popular culture forms that the popular culture isn't producing. Wiring together art museums to create a kind of broadcast system breaks relations between high and mass art contexts, and resets them. Whatever else it is, 'Theme Song For An Exhibition' is contemporary American culture—American in that it's organizing contexts horizontally instead of in the European manner, with art above and entertainment below." The means of distribution is also considered a part of the work.