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Internship FAQs

Questions and Answers

Please include a letter of recommendation in your application materials (this is preferred), or ask the recommendation writer to send it by email. If you choose to have the letter emailed, please ask your recommender to include the following information in the email: Applicant Name, Applicant's Chosen Department, Recommender's Name and professional organization. Letters of recommendation may be sent via email to [email protected].

If an application is complete, it will be reviewed. Reviews begin after the application deadline. Chosen candidates will be selected and interviewed in person, over Skype, or over the phone, and a hiring decision will be made. About one month after the application deadline, all applicants will receive a status of their application via e-mail. Usually, the full selection process is completed within 4 to 6 weeks.

Yes, you may apply for up to two departments. Applicants interested in applying to two different departments must fill out and submit two separate applications.

Yes. Due to the high number of applicants we receive, many departments find themselves with several great candidates. You can reapply when applications open for the next term.

Application materials should be addressed to the attention of “The Selection Committee.”

There are a number of ways to combine your documents into one PDF including scanning the documents, Adobe Pro, as well as a variety of PDF converter websites. For the main application, please name your PDF (that contains your cover letter, letter of recommendation, work sample (if applicable) and personal statement (if applicable) with lastnamefirstname.pdf (e.g. ObamaMichelle.pdf).

All MCA interns must be eligible to work in the US. Such authorization is the responsibility of the prospective intern and must be secured before participating in the internship.

Yes. Many of our applicants live outside of Chicago. Interviews are conducted in-person, over the phone, or via Skype. Please provide accurate contact information on your application form.

Summer 2020 Internships will run from June 1–August 17, 2020. Individual internship dates may vary. In special circumstances, these dates can be flexible depending on the needs of the candidate and hiring department. Interns will work an average of 24 hours per week.

Our internship program is specifically targeted for college students and recent graduates who wish to broaden their professional experience. The MCA offers volunteer programs which are a great opportunity for high school students, at least 18 years of age, to participate in museum activities. Please view our volunteer page to apply or check out our Teen Creative Agency.

Your writing sample should be no more than two pages. It should demonstrate clear and intelligent writing and thinking as well as use of correct grammar and punctuation. Depending on the department to which you are applying, your sample could include grant applications, solicitations, academic papers, blog posts, or an excerpt from a longer academic paper. You may submit one writing sample per department. Keep in mind that one sample may be enough. If you submit more than one sample please specify the department in the document title, for example you can label your curatorial writing sample as DoeJohn_CurSample.

Contact us at [email protected].