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Mod/Co Application

Museums participating in the Modern and Contemporary Reciprocal Program (Mod/Co) agree to mutually extend basic membership benefits to the higher-level members of all participating institutions when visiting the museums in the program.



Mod/Co benefits are restricted to members who give at a level of $150 or more annually.


Members showing proof of their current higher-level membership (member card with active unexpired dates, higher-level status, and Mod/Co logo) gain access to basic membership benefits at other participating institution.


Participating institutions agree to provide basic membership benefits to higher-level members of all participating institutions. Benefits should be limited to on-site promotions for members, and participating institutions are not required to mail museum publications or correspondence to reciprocal members. On-site benefits vary on an institutional basis. On your application, please provide a list of benefits that reciprocal members will receive at your institution, such as:

  • * free admission during regular museum hours
  • * discounts in the museum store and/or restaurant
  • discounts on day-of tickets to performances or special events purchased on-site


Institutions participating in Mod/Co will receive brochures to be distributed by the managing institution, along with the art file of the logo for you to print directly onto your institutions membership cards (recommended) or for you to print onto stickers that you procure and apply to your membership cards.


Cost efficiencies are gained by organizing a large bulk-print run of brochures that list all Mod/Co participants for distribution to members and prospective members. MCA CHICAGO will organize the printing and shipping of brochures. No additional amount will be charged for compensation of staff time by MCA CHICAGO. Institutions will be invoiced for their shipping, tax, and brochures calculated by final cost per piece and quantity.


If your supply of brochures is depleted before the next print run, a pdf and the contact information for a print vendor will be provided. Costs to reprint are often significantly higher than the initial bulk print run, so it is suggested that institutions order more than a two-year supply.


Please fill out the application to join. Completion of this form serves as agreement to the above terms.