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portrait of Bonita Appleblunt, smiling, hands cupping face

Bonita Appleblunt

Photo by crimeandkindness.co

Soundtrack: Bonita Appleblunt Mammalian Diving Reflex Public Program

Free With Admission

Contemporary sound-based artists transform your MCA experience on a select day of the month with custom soundtracks reflecting their perspective of works on view in the museum. DJ sets and bands occupy spaces in the museum as the building itself amplifies their sound constructions.

About the Event

For this Soundtrack, DJ Bonita Appleblunt spins a set of underground and modern Afro inspired genres in response to the exhibitions on view. They will also serve as the DJ/MC for the On Stage: Entanglement performance All the Sex I’ve Ever Had, created by Mammalian Diving Reflex/Darren O’ Donnell.

This Soundtrack is organized by Otez Gary, Curatorial Assistant, with the Performance and Public Practice team.

About the Artist

Bonita Appleblunt is a DJ and Audio Engineer originally from Ohio, currently working and making soundwaves in Chicago. They’ve played at numerous locations around the city including The Promontory, Soho House, Subterranean, Virgin Hotels, among many other spots. They specialize in exploring the lineage and inspiration of modern and underground music genres with their African roots.