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MCA Family Day, Jan 10, 2015
Photo: Joshua Longbrake, © MCA Chicago

Leave a Legacy

The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago has been built and sustained through the generosity of our donors. As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, we are particularly grateful to those who remember the museum in their estate plans.

Including the MCA in your estate plan demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to the idea that our collection, exhibitions, and programs connect people to the full spectrum of the human experience, and enhance empathy and understanding in an increasingly complicated world.

We encourage you to let us know if you have already made a provision in your estate plan for the museum, so that we can recognize your thoughtful generosity.

To discuss planned giving opportunities, or if you have already included us in your plans, please contact us at 312-397-3831 or [email protected]. All inquiries are confidential.

By including us in your estate plans, you make a profound and lasting impact on the future of the MCA.


Include the MCA in Your Will

A gift indicated in your will may be a specific amount of money or a percentage of the remainder of your estate. This kind of gift may be made using your will or living trust, and your charitable bequest is 100% tax deductible.

Click on the options below to see examples of sentences that can be added to your will to establish a planned gift to the MCA.

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Legal Designation Language

If you wish to name the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago in your estate plan, we should be named as:

The Museum of Contemporary Art, a nonprofit corporation, organized and existing under the laws of the State of Illinois, with principal business address of 220 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611.

Tax identification number: 36-615-4098

The MCA is a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

At the MCA, all unrestricted charitable gifts are used strategically to support top museum priorities. If you have a more specific purpose in mind, please contact us at 312-397-3831 or [email protected] to ensure that we can meet your wishes.


We are glad to provide you and your advisor with suggestions to assist you in your planning. We cannot, however, provide tax or legal advice, and we encourage our donors to obtain their own independent and professional advice.


The following individuals have ensured their lasting legacy by including the museum in their estate plans.

Dennis Adrian
Sara Albrecht
Alsdorf Foundation
Edward F. Anixter*
Jennifer Aubrey
Charles J. Balkin
The Barr Fund
Roger W. Barrett
Meta S. and Ronald Berger Family Foundation
Edwin Bergman*
Joanell Breen
Cherry Paulette Finer Brown
Linda Walker and Pete C. B. Bynoe
John D. Cartland
Glenna Collins*
Marianne Deson*
Sigmund Edelstone*
Gerard Elliot*
Richard and Mary L. Gray
Jack and Sandra Guthman
Rosetta Harris
Mary E. Ittelson
John J. Jelinek
Gretchen Sandin Jordan and John W. Jordan II
Stuart Kane
Jacques Koek*
Blanche Koffler*
Sigmund Kunstadter*
Richard Lenon*
Elizabeth A. Liebman
Moris Lipschultz*
Jerry Luebber*
Beatrice Cummings Mayer
Robert and Nancy Mollers
Ruth S. and Bernard Nath*
Carol Prins and John Hart/The Jessica Fund
Biff Ruttenberg Foundation
Joseph Randall Shapiro*
Jean Shorr
Rose L. Shure*
Hollis Sigler*
Rosa Silverman*
Mrs. Leo Singer*
Dr. Eugene A. Solow
Daryl Gerber Stokols and Jeff Stokols
Donna and Howard* Stone
Lynn Upchurch
Debra Weese-Mayer and Robert N. Mayer*
Richard Weisenseel*
Danielle and Martin E. Zimmerman