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Edlis Neeson Theater


A view of the Edlis Neeson Theater from the stage
Photo © MCA Chicago
Edlis Neeson Theater
Photo © MCA Chicago
Edlis Neeson Theater
Photo: Michael David Rose, © MCA Chicago
A view of the house seats from upper stage left
Photo © MCA Chicago
A view of the Edlis Neeson Theater stage from the last row
Photo © MCA Chicago


The state-of-the-art Edlis Neeson Theater is a perfect location for annual meetings, award ceremonies, private performances, product launches, and film premieres. The 300-seat, wheelchair-accessible space features elegant oak-paneled walls and tiered seating, ensuring that everyone has the best seat in the house.


$3,000 (4 hours)


The facility provides 296 seats and 4 wheelchair-designated areas. There are 14 rows with two side aisles and no center aisle.

A motorized projection screen provides a projection surface of 30 feet wide and 23 feet high. The screen is located at an intermediate stage depth, so that good sight lines are available from front row seats.

Stage dimensions

Width of opening: 52 ft. (15.8 m)
Total depth: 34 ft. (10.3 m)
Wing space (each side): 13 ft. (3.9 m)
Stage height: 36 in. above the floor level of the first row of seats

Rental includes basic audiovisual and lighting package.
Full stage/technical information