Atrium Project


The Atrium Project invites artists from all points in their careers to respond to the museum's bright, two-story entrance through a new large-scale work.




  • White icicle-like formations layered above plumes of blue smoke fill two side-by-side panels.
    Atrium Project:
    Lorna Simpson
    1. Long Billowing blue smoke fills the bottom of two side-by-side panels. Layers of white icicle formations obscure black-and-white newspaper clippings in the middle sections of each panel. Behind the forms, a wash of black, grey, and white fills the tops of each panel.


  • A collage on paper featuring two sets of black and white cartoonish eyes and mouths, on top of which are affixed two photographs of a young Abraham Lincoln, the whole composition splattered with drips of black and white paint.
    Atrium Project:
    Joyce Pensato