Partnerships and Engagement


Partnerships and Engagement is a program designed to partner with creative and diverse community organizations to foster creative collective experiences. Our partners, comprised of grassroots organizations and community groups, are invited to host conversations, workshops, talks, and gatherings and give space for Chicagoans to collaborate on projects. Partnerships and Engagement creates new pathways for working with museums.


Move Me Soul is youth dance company that fuses technique, performance, and character development. Teens are empowered to “move” their limits on and off stage.

Move Me Soul was founded in 2008 by Ayesha Jaco at Austin High School. The program began with 30 students taking the class as an elective. It then developed into an After School Matters club.

Today more than 150 teens participate throughout Chicago in several programs that develop dance technique, spoken word artists while enhancing their character.

Engagement Programs

Engagements with community programs can range from public conversations, workshops, to informal gatherings. These programs are always free and open to the public.


Are you a community that wants to visit the MCA Commons? Want to hold a reading group? Need space to make a conversation happen? Does your class want to gather for seminar or project development? Contact us.

Not a Partner?

Your group is still welcome to gather in our public spaces for creative engagement with our visitors. Contact us to learn more!