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Once Upon a Sine Wave

by Jeff Kolar jonCates

Once Upon a Sine Wave video still


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Next Tuesday, March 22, jonCates and Jeff Kolar are presenting a new work, Radius && Numbers.FM, as part of a series of Tuesday evening public programs exploring sound art/new (experimental) music in Chicago. Below they discuss their practice and how the upcoming program reflects some of their broader interests.

on radios

We are interested in what "radio" can mean in terms of art, music, and culture. The concepts, technologies, and ways that people use radio(s) has changed radically in recent years, and we are excited by the possibilities and conversations this opens up.

Courtesy of the artists

on their artistic practice

From antique analog radio receivers to the most recent digital systems for the distribution and streaming of musics, people know radio(s) as both a physical object and a cultural idea.

Our goal is to reimagine radio as a more mobile, spatial, and flexible artistic medium. We listen between stations, crossing signals, and creating opportunities to hear radio(s) again, with fresh sensibilities. This includes challenging the conceptions of terrestrial broadcasts, satellites, online activity, and on-demand forms; as well as telematic art exchanges, online podcasts, and unlicensed temporary interventions. Our performances utilize an array of electronic and analog instruments, as well as devices designed and fabricated by hand. We are interested in creating new electromagnetic infrastructure that proposes alternate narratives and experiences.

event info

MCA Studio: Jeff Kolar jonCates takes place at 6 pm, March 22, as part of our free (for Illinois residents) Tuesday evening programs series.