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Stan’s Cafe at the MCA

Stan's Cafe at the MCA video still

Three Catholic cardinals are on an evangelical mission, touring a puppet show to broaden knowledge of the Bible. But for this performance, the puppets have gone missing—and the cardinals are forced to take their place on the miniature stage.


The Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival continues this week with three performances of The Cardinals by Stan's Cafe (pronounced “caff”) who have traveled from the UK to present their work to a Chicago audience. Full of humor but wordlessly performed, The Cardinals tells the tale of three cardinals out to evangelize butwhen the puppets they were using go missing, they are forced to fill in. Ultimately the play reveals itself to be more than just a funny story, but a serious look at the convergence of faith and theater and the role belief plays in both.

All four shows for Manual Cinema sold out. Don't wait to get tickets for Stan's Cafe; their first performance starts tonight.