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Tuesdays on the Terrace: Twin Talk (Katie Ernst, Dustin Laurenzi, and Andrew Green)

Katie Ernst, Dustin Laurenzi, and Andrew Green

Twin Talk.

Photo: Maren Celest.

Summer Tuesdays come alive on the MCA’s Anne and John Kern Terrace Garden with free music highlighting artists from Chicago’s internationally renowned jazz community. This week’s event features Twin Talk, a trio led by bassist and vocalist, Katie Ernst.

About the Artist

Chicago band Twin Talk has been steadily gaining notoriety for their offbeat melodic approach to creative improvised music. Drummer Andrew Green, saxophonist Dustin Laurenzi, and bassist/vocalist Katie Ernst have focused their creative energies on exploring collaborative musical communication. Much like the phenomenon of cryptophasia ("twin speak") in identical twins, the band shares an ever-expanding musical language that is deeply personal and highly connected. The three musicians have an affinity for melody and nuance, but the fabled Chicago tradition of improvised music has had its effect on the band through their defiant risk-taking and spontaneity.