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The Living Room: Freaky Friday


What would you have to say to your fifteen-year-old self? What would they have to say to you now? Based around the art in the Eternal Youth exhibition, TCA members invite you to reflect about the past, dream about the future, and contribute to a collective, visual story about who young people are and why they matter.

The Living Room is a monthly pop-up event designed and hosted by the Teen Creative Agency (TCA). Come for conversations, performances, and activities about contemporary art and issues.

About TCA

Group portrait of people of various ethnicities sitting on wide gray steps.

Members of the 2023–24 Teen Creative Agency. Photo: Olive Stefanski.


The Teen Creative Agency (TCA) is the Museum of Contemporary Art's cultural leadership program for teens ages 15–19 years old. TCA members come together from all over the Chicago area to the museum once a week, from September thru June.