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MCA Live: Mocrep


Tuesdays are always FREE for Illinois residents.


Through the synthesis of music and movement, Chicago-based ensemble Mocrep explores identity, chaos, and translation.

Part of the 2nd Annual Frequency Festival


  • Human Windchimes(2009) {bio: (version premiere)
  • Sound-theater for instrument-clothing of recycled materials, sound illuminating movement

By Carolyn Chen

  • Endless Shrimp (2015)}
  • For two performers, kitchen instruments, and video

By Jessie Marino

  • She Lapsed 12 Times into Feigned Lines (2017, world premiere)
  • For Mocrep

By Bethany Younge

  • New Work for Mocrep (2017, world premiere)

By Natacha Diels

About the Artist

Comprised of eleven performers, Mocrep is an ensemble dedicated to the performance of radical, 21st-century music that engages with contemporary culture—aesthetically, socially, and politically. The group specializes in works that not only synthesize music, theater, and performance art, but also productively embrace the differences between these mediums. Mocrep's practice reflects on the idea of music as a medium, the meaning of performance as a social relationship, and the potential of art as a catalyst for change.

Mocrep has collaborated with such ensembles as the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) and Eighth Blackbird, and participated in Constellation Chicago's Frequency Festival and a 10-day festival celebrating the work of Mathias Spahlinger. Other collaborators include Goethe-Institut Chicago, Lumpen Radio, Mana Contemporary, Illinois Humanities Council, and the DePaul Art Museum. Mocrep was one of three young ensembles to be invited to the prestigious Ferienkurse fr Neue Musik Darmstadt in 2016. This season, Mocrep is in residence at Mana Contemporary Chicago, and is collaborating with a number of different artists from various disciplines, including stand-up comic Sarah Sherman, performance artist Marcela Lucatelli, composer Natacha Diels, and bassist Michael Coltun.

Mocrep is Amanda Bailey, Owen Davis, Alex Ellsworth, Zachary Good, Lia Kohl, Nick Meryhew, Zach Moore, Isaac Stevenson, Chris Wood, Bethany Younge, and Ryan Zerna.