The Last Frame: Hard at Work

By Lauren Reese

MCA Benefit featuring Karen Finley at the Metro, Frame 26 June 7, 1991Featured image

Featured image

FRAME 26: MCA Benefit featuring Karen Finley at the Metro, Jun 7, 1991 Photo © MCA Chicago

Featured image

FRAME 27A: Education event with El Hogar del Niño, c. 1980 Photo © MCA Chicago

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Continuing our archival dig, we started feeling a sense of déjà vu when we came across frames 25–27. Today there are also plenty of hard hats to be found at the MCA thanks to our redesign, and we are once again partnering with Metro, this time for our Prime Time series. The last two frames, which included El Hogar del Nino/Cuidar (The Home of the Child), originally a bilingual daycare center—the first in the Pilsen neighborhood—that now serves more than 300 children, came as a pleasant surprise; they capture the museum's partnerships with community organizations throughout its history, something we consider part of our civic responsibility.