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Soundtrack: CQQCHiFRUIT Dentata (Jacquelyn Carmen Guerrero)


CQQCHiFRUIT Dentata (Jacquelyn Carmen Guerrero) is a Chicago-based DJ and musician originally from Miami. CQQCHiFRUIT’s sound incorporates elements from her Miami roots (salsa, reggaeton, dancehall, baile funk, hip hop, booty bass, trance, club) and Chicago residence (house, juke, ghetto tech), with emphasis on divas, womxn, and queer artists from around the world. In 2015, along with Chicago producer La Spacer, CQQCHiFRUIT cofounded and became resident DJ of TRQPiTECA, a Chicago-based artist duo and production company creating space for local and international artists working with queer and tropical aesthetics to experiment and thrive.