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In Progress: Jeffrey Thomas and Chris Salveter of The Fruit Stare


The Fruit Stare is a Chicago-based, multimedia art group founded by songwriter Christopher Salveter and composer Jefferey Thomas. The duo brought together a large ensemble of musicians, singers, actors, poets, nurses, and neighbors to create their first sonic work, Summer Marches In. Completed as artists-in-residence at Experimental Sound Studio in 2015, the work has since become the first episode of The Fruit Stare Podcast-Opera, released in 2019. The Fruit Stare, named after a foraging habit of orangutans, uses performance, video, and song to create a surreal story world. Season one of the podcast-opera and its accompanying live show, Dr. Atop’s Journey to the Polygon of Suffering, explore reparations, cult mind control, the American music industry, and climate change.

Jefferey Thomas is a composer and guitarist. He is a founding member of Mucca Pazza and The Fruit Stare. He is also the creator and music director for the Hideout's Annual Make-Out Party: “An Evening of Aural Intercourse.” He has worked with Greek composer Michael Karras, punk singer Exene Cervenka, recovering groupie Cynthia Plaster Caster, guzheng virtuoso Xu YuYen, and art-rocker Bobby Conn. He has written incidental music for Redmoon Theater, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, the Neo-Futurists, as well as dozens of independent films. His first symphony, Rumour, premiered at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago in February 2014.

Christopher Salveter is a Chicago-based multimedia artist and educator from Missouri. He spent his twenties writing songs and touring with his bands Low Skies and Judson Claiborne. During the school year, he works with youth in Chicago Public Schools to create and produce performances about community issues.