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Maud Le Pladec: Democracy

Maud Le Pladec: Democracy video still


The piece is called Democracy and for short it's a piece about the concept of democracy.

When you work around this issue you always deal with the individual and group issue and how you can be an individual human in a group or how a group can be one person.

I continue to work on this relationship between dance and music and this really close link between what you see and what you hear. I [unintelligible] in deeper analogies of the music and how I can use the formal aspect to build the movement, so this is the basis of my work to [unintelligible] dance research.

I continue to use the real and concrete presence of the musicians on stage. So it's not only that you have the dancer and then behind the musician. They're a real group of human beings and I use this group and this context to dibble [sic] up the social context of this project.

This is really a piece were you have a dance score, a musical score, a lights score, and we are questioning the way the projects can exist in one project. The space, the dance, the music, the timing—it’s always moving and they have to deal and to recompose, always, with that.

It builds another image of democracy, which is not this "everything's ok," but actually this is more about confrontation, conflict; the fact that you have to be responsible of everything, always.