Back to Back Theatre:
Ganesh Versus the Third Reich

and experiences of actors perceived to have intellectual disabilities. The story begins with the elephant-headed god Ganesh travelling through Nazi Germany to reclaim the swastika, an ancient Hindu symbol of luck. As the story unfolds, another narrative takes shape as the struggling actors take power from an overbearing director.  Posing as the allegedly “useless” people Hitler strove to exterminate, they challenge us to examine not only who has the right to create art from history’s darkest chapters, but also who has the right to tell a story— and be heard.

Vishnu: It is at a most fragile time the heinous crime was committed. The theft of the ancient Sanskrit symbol, wrenched from the gods by the Nazis. Its power to be used for evil.

Parvati: Punaranaya svastikam! . . . kimcit naśayisyati.

Vishnu: Retrieve the symbol of well-being or your father will destroy everything.

Mengele: Why have you an elephant head?

Ganesh: It is only through my favor that you saw me in my true form.

I am immeasurable.

David: We can do it. We can do this. I can do this. I can make this piece. I can make it, if you – with your permission and support, because we’re going to need to rework things. I’m just trying to get us to the point –

Brian: I’m just trying to get Mark to stay a part of us.

Scott: How come you’re defending him. Why can’t you just let him go?

David: Right. That line. That’s a good line. "How come you’re defending him. Why can’t you just let him go." I want that in the script. Actually I want all of this in the script.

Vishnu: Don’t allow your feelings of weakness to destroy your goal.

Ganesh: . . . dein Reich ist am Ende. (Your reich is over.)

Ich will das Hakenkreuz. Gib her. (I want the swastika. Give it to me.)