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Fall 2017


In honor of the MCA's 50th anniversary, this special edition of the magazine celebrates the past, present, and future of the museum. It features a special insert that highlights the key people and moments from the past five decades.

Table of Contents

2 Director’s Letter
4 We Are 50
5 Common Ground
6 Street Views
7 First Impression
8 Meet January Parkos Arnall
9 An Icon and Inspiration
10 MCA <3 Chicago
15 On View
17 We Are 50: MCA 50
29 Special Cumulative Giving Report
33 The Guthman Gift of 50
35 Celebrating 50 with the Women’s Board
36 To the Racy Brink
38 We Are Here: Curating 50 Years of Collecting
41 Lorna Simpson, Untitled
42 Michael Rakowitz: Backstroke of the West
44 Twyla Tharp: An Event for the MCA
46 MCA Store
48 Mark Your Calendar
49 MCA Seen