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Escultura Social

A New Generation of Art from Mexico City

MCA Chicago, with Yale University Press



This bilingual catalogue features the recent work of 20 artists, whose influence has extended far beyond Mexico. The catalogue also includes critical essays on the contemporary Mexican art scene and is accompanied by illustrated texts on each artist.

Published by MCA Chicago in association with Yale University Press.

Table of Contents

8 Lenders to the Exhibition
9 Foreword
10 Introduction and Acknowledgments
14 Reshaping the World Through Social Sculpture by Julie Rodrigues Widholm
30 Lines and Convergences: Conceptual Art in Mexico During the 1990s by Itala Schmelz
44 María Alós
52 Carlos Amorales
60 Broken Animals by Carlos Amorales
62 Julieta Aranda
66 Gustavo Artigas
74 Stefan Brüggemann
78 "No Title": A Conversation between Stefan Brüggemann and Maria García Torres
92 Miguel Calderón
96 Fernando Carabajal
102 Abraham Cruzvillegas
106 Temístocles 44: What Did It Spawn?! by Abraham Cruzvillegas
114 Dr. Lakra
132 Mario García Torres
138 Daniel Guzmán
144 Pablo Helguera
154 Gabriel Kuri
160 Nuevos Ricos
166 Yoshua Okón
172 La Panadería by Yoshua Okón
178 Damián Ortega
188 Fernando Ortega
194 Pedro Reyes
198 La Torre de los Vientos by Pedro Reyes
204 Fernando Romero
210 Los Super Elegantes
216 Exhibition Checklist
218 Solo Exhibitions and Bibliographies
223 Artist Index