Art Apart: An Opportunity to Look, then Look Again

Art Apart is a series that displays how art can connect us, even at a distance. Whether by phone, internet, or other means, art can be more than what hangs on the wall.

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You can dive even deeper into What Remains by checking out these resources:


Watch Rankine and Rawls discuss the themes in their piece What Remains, including the erasure and exposure that shape black American life. Full length video and transcript available.

Manilow Senior Curator Naomi Beckwith hosted a post-show Q&A with Will Rawls and the cast of What Remains.

Explore an essay by Associate Curator Tara Aisha Willis reflecting on her role in the creation, performance, and curation of What Remains, published for Performa Magazine, 2018.

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Want to get your own copy of Citizen: An American Lyric? Consider ordering one from a local bookstore near you! We recommend Semicolon, Chicago’s only Black woman–owned bookstore and gallery space.

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Look back on the original MCA program notes that accompanied the 2018 performance.

Program Notes