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Teens Take Over: Your Wardrobe

by LaDasia Bryant and Bảo Nguyễn

Each year, the MCA’s Teen Creative Agency (TCA) puts on 21Minus, a teen takeover of the museum featuring performances, workshops, zines, and installations from young people all over Chicago. What takes place in a blur of energy and enthusiasm over an afternoon in June is the product of months of work by many people. TCA is taking over the MCA blog to give you an inside look at the process and some of the young artists involved.

This year, 21Minus on June 15 takes a critical and creative look on the politics and culture of fashion. To assist 21Minus visitors in making their own bold and unique fashion statements, TCA members and 21Minus artists team up to give styling tips that will help you spice up your 21Minus outfit.

Teens Take Over: Your Wardrobe video still


Time to spice up your wardrobe for 21Minus. Video courtesy of Teen Creative Agency.


Bảo Nguyễn grew up in Vietnam and currently lives in Skokie, Illinois. Through performance art and sound, they explore limitation and miscommunication in language

Darius Jones is an up-and-coming artist and fashion designer from the Chicago area. He started his artistic journey as a sophomore in high school and is currently working toward creating a brand, named Greenhood, that works toward growing a community, obtaining ownership, and building wealth.

LaDasia Bryant is a visual artist who has previously interned at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Puerto Rican Arts Alliance. Prior to her engagement with TCA, she was involved in both Enrich Chicago and Marwen. Right now, she regularly participates in and hosts her own underground art show. She plans to eventually become a curator, own her own gallery space, and pass it down through generations.

Zoe Haralambidis is a 16-year-old designer living in the Chicago suburbs who expresses individuality and creativity through her garments. She hopes to portray the fragility of the lines between fashion, art, and femininity in her work.