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From the Cutting Room Floor: Mind Over Mirrors

From the Cutting Room Floor: Mind Over Mirrors video still


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Our digital team pores over hours of footage when creating the videos for our exhibitions and events. But to tell a compelling narrative, a lot of material gets dropped on the proverbial cutting room floor. This new, behind-the-scenes blog series will feature interesting snippets, often selected by our video producers, that didn’t make it into the final cut but still provide valuable context to our featured artists and performers.

Our first installment features Jaime Fennelly of Mind Over Mirrors, who Director of Digital Media Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli interviewed in November 2017 while the band was in residency at the MCA. The excerpt from the transcript of the interview with Jaime illuminates the decisions behind Bellowing Sun's presentation.


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#When I started Mind Over Mirrors in a fairly DIY way, I [played] on the floor in venues where typically people don't play on the floor . . . but it created a type of performance that was, for me, really integral to the whole project: being able to play the room and have close proximity to an audience and have a different type of show experience where there's a direct relationship instead of an objectified distant experience . . . So when I got asked what I want to do . . . it kind of seemed really clear to me that, one, I wanted to be able to continue this idea of the group experience on a stage together and get rid of the proscenium seating and also create a visual experience beyond watching a band.

Text excerpt

#I think the [theater] holds 300 or 400 or something and I was like, "No, get it down to 120." People can see each other; experience each other. I think it's going to be really intense.

  • Film date: Nov 30, 2017

Hours of footage: 05:16:17