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Forever, In-Process

by Laura Paige Kyber

Saturday, Nov 3

Schedule Text

We hope you’ll join us on Saturday for what will be a celebratory homage to the past and future of contemporary dance. Fully immerse yourself by following the itinerary below, or select the events that best fit your schedule.

  • 10 am

MCA galleries open—visit Groundings, a collaboration between Tara Aisha Willis, Associate Curator of Performance, and Grace Deveney, Assistant Curator, that reveals the creative process and considers the invisible forces of motion at play in our society: politics, mysticism, history, and natural phenomena.

  • 3 pm

Panel-talk: Groundings curators Willis and Deveney will lead a discussion with exhibition performers Brandon Markell Holmes (Chicago), Mariana Valencia (New York), and Patricia Nguyen (Chicago) in a talk that considers movement in relationship to identity and action. (Personally, I am excited to hear these three artists, of a slightly younger generation, speak about the role of improvisation in their own work, especially in comparison to Relations.)

  • 5:30 pm

Time to enjoy pre-show dinner and drinks at the MCA’s restaurant and bar, Marisol.

  • 7:30 pm

Relations performance begins in the Edlis Neeson Theater on the museum’s first floor.

  • Immediately following the performance

A post-show talk with all three artists is moderated by Tara Aisha Willis.

Forever, In-Process video still


Videography: Carla Peterson.