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Ain’t No Party Like a GIF Party

by Christy LeMaster

As net neutrality gets the beatdown in Congress, we're partying like it's 2015 by celebrating a free, open internet. It seems only appropriate to commemorate the digital frontier through programs that showcase the thing that makes the internet so unique—user-generated content. On September 15, Nick Briz and Anna Russet, new media artists whose work engages user-created content, showcase their project current tube at Prime Time: #FutureSelf. The night before the event, they present When I grow up I want to be a YouTuber, a new performative lecture that explores YouTube in the context of historical moving image culture in the Commons.

To gear up for these events, we're revisiting the GIF Party we celebrated on June 30 by featuring the 25 subjective-“best” GIFs to cross our wires. Thanks to Hunter Atha and Jessi Rasmussen who both did significant work on this project and to all of our gif makers—a special congrats to the following 25!