Re:Loading the Fight for Net Neutrality

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Net neutrality: a hot-button issue that was on everyone’s minds yesterday as Amazon, Twitter, OkCupid, Netflix, Reddit, and many other websites that form a core component of 21st-century culture participated in a "Day of Action" to show their support of an open internet.

Why you should care

As our Chief Content Officer said in a blog post in 2014, "If you’re a reader of this blog, if you believe, as I do, that a free and open internet has transformed—and enriched—the work that museums and other cultural organizations pursue, then you care about net neutrality." Title II of the Communications Act prohibits internet providers from blocking or limiting streaming based on content and without favor. Its removal could mean degrading access for nonprofits who can’t "pay to play."

What you can do

Join the battle

The FCC is accepting public comments until Monday, July 17.