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Party in the MC-yAy! A 4th of July Checklist

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For this 4th of July, we're packing up the camper and heading out for an MCA collection–inspired party weekend. Here are some of the things we're bringing along. Did we forget anything? Check out our Collection page and let us know!

✓ The Stars and Stripes

✓ An old-school camper

✓ The perfect setting

✓ Family

✓ Friends

✓ Party people

more party people

✓ Man’s best friend

✓ Picnic canopy

✓ Beer

✓ Fruit salad

✓ Sandwiches

✓ Dessert

✓ Swimsuit

✓ Kayak

✓ Basketball

✓ Karaoke machine

✓ Matches

✓ Fireworks