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The Last Frame: Cakes, Cars, and Carryalls

by Lauren Reese

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We've dug into our photo archives to continue our series of happy accidents with frames 13, 14, and 15, which feature a menagerie of subjects, proving nothing is off limits for our photographers' "wasted" frames.

A black-and-white film frame shows a car driving along a suburban street. In the foreground is a wooden utility pole affixed with a poster of a woman and the the word "STYLING".

FRAME 14: From an unidentified roll, May 21, 1979

Photo © MCA Chicago
A black-and-white film frame shows hands holding an open wallet that contains faded photographs.

FRAME 15: On roll documenting the exhibition opening, Roger Brown, MCA Chicago, Feb 13–Apr 12, 1981

Photo © MCA Chicago