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Where Art Meets Politics: RNC Edition

A visitor stares at the barrel of a gun while in front of a wallpaper reproduction of the Oval Office in Kathryn Andrews: Run for President, MCA Chicago, Nov 21, 2015–May 8, 2016

Photo: Adrian Gaut © MCA Chicago

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There are a lot of statements being made inside and outside of the art world about the upcoming election. While we closed Kathryn Andrews: Run for President, an exhibition in which the artist presented Bozo the Clown as our next candidate, in May, the Republican National Convention, which comes to an end tonight, also had its share of statements, not only from candidates and late-night hosts but also from artists and galleries both in Cleveland and throughout the United States. As art and politics collide, we've rounded up some of the most newsworthy items here.

Everything She Says Means Everything

The American Dream

A Man Was Lynched

For Freedoms