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How to Politically Correct

by Fred Sasaki

by Seth Vanek

Homeroom presents “School Night: How to Politically Correct,” an info show about the awesome love, power, and freedom of political correctness. Tim Barnes, H. Melt, Kristiana Rae Colón, and Tim Jones-Yelvington join School Night hosts Fred Sasaki and Seth Vanek to tease out doctrine, language politics, and stigma amid our burgeoning social landscape and evolving ideals. Topics include how to embody our best selves, respect our fellows, and confront inequities, violence, and demagogues in safe, constructive, and badass ways. Come exercise your civic duty by engaging as citizens of humanity.

Your School Night homework comes by way of a brief primer on how to politically correct, great for role-plays or silent meditation. Try this game at your next dinner party or work retreat!


Question 1

"This Masala Chai Latte is on fleek!"
Jake Gyllenhaal says no

Question 2

"This Masala Chai Latte is delicious!"
Edward Scissorhands says yes

Question 3

“All Lives Matter”
Man with afro says No

Question 4

“Black Lives Matter”
Snoop Dogg says yes

Question 5

"But what was she wearing?"
Eva Green says No

Question 6

"I believe her. It's not her fault."
White woman says Yes

Question 7

“Well why didn’t she report it?”
Beyonce says No

Question 8

“I’m sorry that happened.”
Michael Jordan and the Tune Squad say Yes

Question 9

"So what are you? I mean where are you from, like, originally??"
Keanu Reeves says No

Question 10

"What is your ethnic heritage?"
Rhianna says Yes

Extra credit

Here are a few more NOs for you to turn into YESes at home!

Question 11

“You're so exotic!”
Megan Fox says No

Question 12

“You must eat a lot of being that you are.”
Asian man says No

Question 13

"They, them, their is grammatically incorrect!"
Captain Obvious says No

Question 14

"Be a man!"
Tyra Banks says No

Question 15

"I know this is not politically correct . . . "
The Most Interesting Man in the World says No

Question 16

"I'm not a racist, but . . . "
Tracy Morgan says No

Question 17

“Affirmative Action is reverse discrimination!”
Chewbacca says no gif

Question 18

“Let me guess. Your mother was Asian.”
Bruce Lee says No