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Off the Wall: Keith Haring and the (Indiana) Kids, Pt. 2

by Analú Maria López

Analú Maria López

CISA crew interview with Traz Juarez, Hector “ROOSTERONE” Marin and Omar “OMS” Marin, pictured with Martin Creed, Work No. 1351, 2012. MCA Chicago

Photo: Armando Rene Silva


If you read our previous post about Keith Haring, back in 1989 Haring visited Chicago for the first time to collaborate on a massive mural project with CPS students, a project that was funded by the MCA. While he was in Chicago, he also took some time to hang out with Indiana graffiti artists that now make up the group known as CISA.

What was only supposed to be a quick “hello” before three teens from Indiana attended the Chicago Art Expo turned into an unforgettable experience with Haring. This experience left them with priceless memories and an amazing Keith Haring private collection that no one has seen until now.

I sat down on a rainy Saturday afternoon at the MCA with members of CISA (only three of the five met Haring) to talk about and record their memories of meeting Haring as he worked on this mural project in Grant Park.