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Throwback Thursday: Kirsten Leenaars at the MCA

Throwback Thursday: Kirsten Leenaars at the MCA video still



In 2011, MCA staff and visitors became the stars of a soap opera filled with power struggles, affairs, greed, a passion for the arts, the ghost of a collection, a lost child, aspiring artists, ambitious curators, alert assistants, demanding board members, the mysterious custodian, and amorous administrators. Created by Chicago-based artist Kirsten Leenaars for the exhibition Without You I’m Nothing: Art and its Audience, the series, On Our Way to Tomorrow, is a cheesy part scripted, part improvised drama on a museum's identity and the people who shape it.

Watch every episode, then check out Leenaars's most recent project at the MCA, Notes on Empty Chairs, a three-part activity in response to the exhibition Doris Salcedo, April 14 and May 19 at 6 pm.