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I’m Yours

by Chase Joynt

I'm Yours video still


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Next Tuesday, artist Chase Joynt and assistant professor Kristen Schilt join us in the evening for an in-gallery conversation about trans* representation and a screening of short video works. Friends since 2002, when they met while studying at UCLA, the pair expands upon their collaborative, exploratory, and experimental work through an engagement with Joynt's art practice, Schilt's scholarship, and their shared investment in queer, feminist, and trans politics that emphasize social change. Preview Joynt's video work here, then join us for the conversation and more on March 17.


In 2012, artist Nina Arsenault and I were contacted by the Canadian Broadcast Company (CBC) to comment on transgender topics in mainstream media. Following the radio show, we privately shared our frustrations at being asked the same repetitive, often intrusive questions about our bodies, lives, and identities by interviewers—questions that often extended far outside the scope of the topics at hand. As artists actively engaged in the politics and practices of transgender representation, we wondered how we might creatively call attention to the expectations placed on trans bodies in public. Utilizing familiar tropes of documentary film production and presentation, I’m Yours is my satirical and pointed response to our frustrations