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Post-it Drawings for the Eyes and Mind

by Katie Chung


It is my last week as a design intern at the MCA. For the past few months I have been working on a variety of projects—exhibition labels, wayfinding signage, exhibition ads, programs, all that good stuff. The majority of the design work is done on the computer so I began drawing on Post-its as a break for both my eyes and mind. I put a few of the drawings on the blank wall above my desk to personalize my space. Eventually the Post-its added up and people started asking me about the drawings. I didn't think people would look at them because they are tiny drawings on 3 x 3 in. Post-its. I decided to develop these doodles because people were enjoying what I made. I didn't consider this a project, but now I do and have decided to develop it. So far I've made a few animated GIFS out of some of these drawings. My next move for this project will take place on the museum's Risograph printer, my favorite perk of this internship. I don't want to give away too much, but prepare to see color.

post-it 1

post-it 2

post-it 3

post-it 4

post-it 5

post-it 6

post-it 7

post-it 8

post-it 9

post-it 10

post-it 11

post-it 12

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